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Udine, Friuli, Italia
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Carlo de Carvalho

The traditions of three families flow in the name of owner Carlo de Carvalho de Moraes de Puppi Beria di Sale e d'Argentina’s veins – his father’s Portuguese ones, his mother’s Friulian ones and a third from Piedmont.

His Father, Rodolfo de Carvalho de Moraes, descendant of a historic Portuguese family, was an officer in the cavalry and captain of the military polo team - a sport which crowned his career with innumerable successes. His mother, Agnese De Puppi, was also descended from an ancient Friulian family of Tuscan origin and her surname was passed down to her male children due to adoption by her brother, Raimondo. The third surname, Beria di Sale e d'Argentina was acquired by the owner following the adoption by Elena, the last descendant of the main branch of the Piedmontese Beria di Sale e d'Argentina family.

Carlo, who loved the countryside and his Friulian traditions, returned to Villanova del Judrio back in 1972 and began the restoration of the ancient country house which was part of his mother’s estate. Here he gave vent to his great passion that had been with him since childhood – the house, from the architecture to the furnishings, from the importance of a table sumptuously decked with flowers in vases and lit candles! Everything relating to the construction or the restoration of the building has always held a magical attraction for him and continues to this day. So, back in 1994, he renewed his enthusiasm in the restoration of the building complex making up Villa Beria in Manzano – first of all with the restoration of the agricultural outbuildings and then with the dictate of modern technology, in full respect of its ancient structures, and then of the country house itself, the Hunting Lodge on the top of Colle Montuzza and the Casa delle Mura, located in the grounds.

Now other buildings need his attention….the disease, the so-called “cut for stone” could explode, for Carlo, from one moment to another and for him the results are still exciting.